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Sightseeing Tours: Zakopane, Cracow - Auschwitz - Wieliczka

  • Auschwitz Birkenau 

    We believe Auschwitz is something much more than just a regular Museum. One should think of a visit in more of an 'life experience' category. For some people it is world's largest cemetery, for the others one of the most important witnesess of the tragedy of World War II. No matter what your interest is,  we believe  everybody should see it. Auschwitz began as a concentration camp for Polish political prisoners. In 1942, it became the center for extermination of European Jews. On this tour you will witness where the Nazis killed about 1.5 million people - mainly Jews, but also Poles, Gypsies, Russians and other nationalities - between 1940 and 1945.Your tour begins with a 15 minute documentary film about the liberation of the camp. Then a museum guide will show you the exhibitions in some of the surviving prison blocks, the gas chamber and the crematorium.

    After a short break, the tour continues to Birkenau, where you go up to the watchtower above the entrance gate to see the view of the biggest Nazi Concentration Camp. A Martyrdom Museum was set up here in 1947.In 1979, UNESCO included Auschwitz-Birkenau in its list of World Heritage sites
  • Discover one of the oldest salt mine in Europe - Wieliczka  

    This fascinating excursion to one of the oldest salt mines in Europe takes you 136 meters below ground. Listed in UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage - this is one of the oldest salt mines in Europe. Visitors may take a walk of 3 km through 3 levels in the Salt Mine down to 136 meters below ground level through chambers and passageways excavated in the 17th century. On the way visitors see underground chambers and chapels hewn out in the saltrock, statues of saints sculpted in salt, and saline lakes. The mine has operated continuously since its construction in the Middle Ages. Today it reaches a depth of more than one thousand feet on nine levels with close to one hundred ninety miles of corridors, galleries, chambers and underground lakes. The mine currently has three distinct functions: as an active, working mine, as the world's first subterranean therapeutic sanitarium used in the treatment of bronchial and allergic asthma, and as an important tourist attraction for visitors to Krakow. People who tour the mine visit only the first three levels, along a winding route of nearly two miles. As they follow the subterranean paths, they wander past artistic salt carvings and the 17th century solid salt St. Anthony chapel, the oldest original creation in the mine

  • Zakopane

    The Tatra Mountains are the highest and the most beautiful part of the Carpathians Mountains with characteristic Alpine form, the only mountain range of this type in Central Europe. Polish part of Tatra Mountains is under protected area which belongs to the Tatra National Park, registered on the list of National Parks of Biosphere (UNESCO).

    Early morning we will take You from Your hotel, airport or any place in the Krakow. Your tour starts with a ride up a funicular railway to the top of Mt. Gubalowka to see a wonderful view of the Tatras. After a short walk around the peak, return down and transfer to Tatras National Park, Walking excursion to the very picturesque Koscieliska Valley, including a tour of the many centuries old cave called Jaskinia Mrozna Returning to Zakopane and walk along Krupowki street, the most famous street in Zakopane , walking along Krupowki you will feel Zakopane atmosphere with highlanders restaurants, cafes, boutiques and souvenir shopsDinner at a traditional restaurant accompanied by live music.In evening return to Krakow.


  • National Park Ojcow and Pieskowa Skala Castle
    In the Ojcow National Park, which covers a surface area of 1440 hectares in the Valley of the Pradnik enclosed by Pieskowa Skala cliffs, you can see virtually all of the natural components of a Jurassic landscape.Driving along a winding road (on special permission by prior reservation), we pass breathtaking Jurassic rock formations such as the "Cracovian Gate" and the "club of Hercules". You will see the ruins of Ojcow Castle and the "little church on the water". On the route along the tourist "Eagles? Nests Trail" we visit one of Poland?s masterpieces of Renaissance palace architecture, Pieskowa Skala Castle, towers over a steep rocky crag.
  • Rafting Race on the Dunajec River  

    Let the traditional Polish Górale highlanders take you rafting down the Dunajec River, along the largest and one of the most stunning natural canyons in Central Europe. Or, if you have enough courage, gather up a few of your friends and take part in a more extreme rafting experience. In the morning we will take You from hotel, airport or any place in the Krakow.

    After about 2 hour-long trip you will find yourself in Sromowce Nizne laid in the heart of the Pieninski National Park.The short rest and enlistment on the real wooden highlanders boat which you will flow in the splendid trip the Dunajec river.
  • Ethnographic Park Nowy Sacz

    If you like sightseeing and you want to know how people lived in the past, this trip is just for you. We will show you a place which isn‘t describe by any guidebook. Forget about new technological achievements and go back to the times of ancestors to the ethnographic heritage park in Nowy Sącz. This heritage park is a regional museum which presents history of country architecture, customs, traditions and the highlanders‘ culture of that region.In the morning we will take You from hotel, airport or any place in the Krakow.After about 2 hour-long trip you will find yourself in Ethnographic Park laid in the heart of the Beskid Sadecki.

    After sightseeing We will take You for a dinner to regional restaurant where you will be able taste traditional dishes. In afternoon return to Krakow. 

  • Visit to aviation museum in Krakow 

    Are you facinated by Aircraft from the past? Do you love Airplanes? Then take this private tour to the Krakow Aviation Museum in Poland, specializing in and displaying both the Polish and world's aviation history and heritage. Considering the size and the number of exhibits, this museum is placed among the top ten European aviation museums. View over 200 exhibits! Aircraft, gliders, helicopters and anti-aircraft rocket missiles are displayed; among them - the unique Pioneer and World War I aircraft.This is one of the biggest aero engine collections in Europe, featuring over 100 engines of different types.

    You also should visit the big library with rich archives to complete the collection.  
  • Czestochowa  

    Częstochowa is one of the most important sites in the Christian world and is often called a Religious Capital of Poland. Millions of pilgrims, including over 100 000 foreigners, come here every year to pray at the miraculous Black Madonna Shrine. Historians date the famous painting to the 14th century. But a legend says it has been made by Saint Luke Evangelist on a piece of wood from the table used by Virgin Mary in Nazareth. Now a famous icon is a part of Baroque altar made of silver and ebony. The altar is opened twice a day with organ music accompaniment. The painting is covered with precious decoration, forming royal gowns for Virgin Mary and her Child. Only a mysterious, dark face with two scars on the cheek can be seen. Spare gowns are kept in the Treasury with other priceless jewels. Gown is changed for special occasions.We would be pleased to share with You the sheer beauty and awesome grandeur of place built for the worship of God.

    Visit the most important shrine devoted to St. Mary the most important and the largest pilgrimage centre in Poland. Dating back to 14th century, the Jasna Góra Monastery quickly assumed great worth religiously. The famous painting of Black Madona, reputed to have miraculous powers, is the most highly - prised symbol in Poland.
  • The Wooden Architecture Route Option I
    Do you Enjoy Architecture and Art? Then take this delightful tour traveling Krakow's Wooden Architecture Route.Poland's geography has fertile farmland from the Great European plain and it includes many forested and hilly regions which have   spawned its own Architecture.While traveling through many parts of Poland, you can observe a wide diversity of styles and ornaments characteristic of local carpenters. The Malopolska Region (Small Poland Region) has some that should not be missed. Our tours will bring You to vintage country cottages, inns, country-town and rural residential buildings, craftsman shops, number of churches with beautiful indoor decorations. The edifices You will see come from 15th -19th century and most of these wonders may still be admired in their original settings.Some of the residential and farm buildings have been moved to open air museums.The route is based on creative carpenters making wooden structures and handmade wood carvings. Poland also boasts many wooden monuments throughout the country.

      Tour Highlights:
    Open Air Museum in Wygiełzów, churches: 14th century in Graboszczyce, 17th century in Metków, 18th century in Barwałd, country-town buildings in Lanckorona (UNESCO), 19th century houses in Kalwaria; time for lunch in one of wooden local inns.  
  • The Wooden Architecture Route Option II

    Do you Enjoy Architecture and Art? Then take this delightful tour traveling Krakow's Wooden Architecture Route.Poland's geography has fertile farmland from the Great European plain and it includes many forested and hilly regions which have   spawned its own Architecture.Includes: 15th century Church in Lipnica Murowana (UNESCO), 16th century country-town architecture in Lipnica Murowana, one of the biggest open air museums in Poland in Nowy Sącz, 19th century typical „Galicja” town reconstruction in Nowy Sącz; time for lunch in one of wooden local inns.

  •   John Paul II the Great Route

    Although famous, beloved and international known as being the Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II (formerly Karol Wojtyla) is a national hero in Poland. Born in Wadowice, a small town very close to Krakow, he became the bishop of Krakow at age 38 years. We will walk in the footsteps of this political and spiritual giant when we tour Wadowice and Krakow.Starting in Wadowice, where he was baptized and lived for 18 years of his life, we will visit his family house, parish church and taste his favorite after school treat, kremowka.

    On the way to Krakow we will stop in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, the 3rd largest shrine in Poland, visiting the Bernandine monastery and the miraculous painting of the Virgin Mary, the very same painting that inspired young Karol Wojtyla to dedicate his life to Holy Mary, after the death of his own mother.

    Our next stop is Krakow, where Karol Wojtyla began his rise to spiritual prominence and where he withstood the ravages of the Nazi occupation, and later the Soviet occupation of Poland. Wotyla arrived in Krakow in 1938 and attended the Jagiellonian University, living the majority of his life until 1978 when he was elected Pope, and changed the destiny of Eastern and central Europe. We will also visit the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, connected with the message of St. Faustina, a favorite saint of John Paul II. The Shrine ofDivine Mercy is now the 2nd largest pilgrimage center in Poland, and was consecrated by the Pope in his final visit to Poland in 2002.

    In Old Town Krakow, we will view the Archbishop's residence, John Paul II's home for a number of years and see the  most famous window in the world where he greeted people. From that window, we will walk to Collegium Novum, the main building of Jagiellonian University, where he lectured on theology.

  • Museum of Railway Rolling Stock in Chabowka  

    The popularity of locomotives is growing and its history is vast! Don't miss this fun-filled tour to see trains, trains and more trains at the open-air Chabowka Railway Rolling Stock Museum. This heritage park was opened in 1993 on the site of the old steam depot which was built during World War II. The collection of historical exhibits began in the middle 1980s and consists of a growing number of interesting steam locomotives, electric and diesel locomotives, snow plows and rail-mounted cranes, plus a selection of heritage carriages and freight wagons. Many of the steam locomotives have been restored to working order and are occasionally put to use.The park is located at the Western end of one of the most scenic rail lines in Poland and includes the largest and most interesting collection of railway exhibits.

    Each year thousands of visitors watch the staff carry out their labour of love retoring and maintaining these historic machines.

  • Nowy Wisnicz Tour

    We will take You to magnificent Wisnicz castle (located around 70km southeast of Krakow)  the residence of the Lubomirski princes. The Lubomirskis were for a time amongst the most powerful clans in all Europe, reaching a zenith in the early eighteenth century. At that time, Stanislaw Lubormiski was the greatest landowner on the continent, with close to a million serfs, according to historian Norman Davies. Despite the vicissitudes of Poland's history, the family managed to reclaim the castle in 1991 after the fall of the communists. They don't actually live here these days, but the castle museum provides an interesting echo of times past. Wisnicz Castle is picturesquely located at the top of a hill. Built in the Gothic style in the 15th century, it has been restyled many times by its subsequent owners. In the 17th century, the architect Maciej Trapoli surrounded it with the modern system of fortifications. Burned by the Swedish army during the 'deluge', Wisnicz was only restored after World War II. The only original elements which have survived throughout the ages are its massive towers.
  • Visit Niepolomice Castle and Discover Niepolomicka Primeval Forest  

    The Niepolomice Castle is an exceptional place. A place where kings used to stay, where the clang of the Polish armours and weapons can still be heard and where Renaissance music is carried by the wind. The trade route to Hungary was nearby and the ancient forest full of game was the favourite hunting ground for the most important people in the country.Built in the 14th century in the late Gothic style, it was renovated centuries later and turned into a beautiful Renaissance residence. Although damaged during the 17th century wars and used as a military camp by the Austrians in the 19th century, it was restored after World War I. It's definitely worth a visit since the Renaissance courtyard, gate and some of the chambers have remained practically intact.After visiting in castle we wiil take You to Niepolomicka Primeval Forest. Seating in a horse carriage, crossing deep woods you will have a chance to feel a real nature.

  • Countryside Krakow Tour  

    It was designed in order to present authentic Polish province to foreign guests. Visiting non-commercial villages, meeting some locals and tasting some traditional food will let you feel rustic atmosphere of the country. We are convinced that you will feel and taste the essential Poland!The tour starts with visiting the ethnographical park, open air museum of Polish village. Then you go to see knight's castle in Lipowiec and the 16th century Manor House in Stryszow. Later, you have a short walk in Lanckorona, which is called a pearl of rural architecture. In the end, you can admire the 11th century Benedictine's Abbey in Tyniec and go to restaurant with local rustic specialties.  


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