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Hotels in Kolobrzeg

Leda SPA Hotel
in the center of Kolobrzeg, close to the beach
Modern SPA Center | Mediterranean Restaurant | Car park
Comfortable hotel located close to the sea, with a modern Wellness and SPA center offering a wide offer of healing, cosmetic and rehabilitation treatments. There is also sauna, salt cave and swimming pool as well as cozy rooms with Internet access, excellent restaurant and café.
Rooms from EUR 69 / PLN 311
Sand Hotel
SPA Center | Restaurant | opened in 2009
Hotel newly opened in 2009, with a unique architecture and modern interiors, excellent restaurant and comfortable rooms. The modern Spa & Wellness center offers cosmetic treatments, swimming pool, sauna and massage services.
Solny Hotel
in the center of Kolobrzeg, close to the beach
Sauna, outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre (in summer), solarium | Restaurant | Car park
Rooms from 172 PLN 10% off
Villa Tarsis Hotel
Modern SPA and Wellness center | Restaurant
Rooms from 240 PLN after discount
Relax Inn Hotel
in Ustronie Morskie
Restaurant with a drink bar, cafe, pizzeria, gym, sauna
Rooms from EUR 34 / PLN 150
Geovita Mrzeżyno
Restaurant, solarium, spa center, sauna
Rooms from EUR 34 / PLN 150
Geovita Dzwirzyno
Restaurant, car park
Rooms from EUR 34 / PLN 150

Hotels in Koszalin

Gromada Hotel
center of Koszalin
Sauna and Gym | Car park
Rooms from EUR 53 / PLN 239 5% off

Hotels in Krąg

Podewils Hotel
Zabytkowy zamek | Restaurant | Fitness center
Rooms from EUR 72 / PLN 325


The sea coast city of Kolobrzeg boasts a long history dating back to middle ages. Since then it was the important port and place of salt production. Thanks to the healing microclimate and beautiful sandy beaches in 19th century Kolobrzeg has became a popular holiday resort.
Winds blowing from the sea bring clean health air that has anti-allergic features. The sea breeze and sea aerosol are good for respiratory system and will make you feel good all the time. Even after partying all night you will not have a headache.
Kolobrzeg has its own mineral water Jantar that has became more and more popular for its healing values.
Wide sandy beaches, clean sea water, unspoiled nature, fresh air full of iodine, green areas will make stay in Kolobrzeg really pleasant and attractive. You will practice water sports, wind surging and much more. It is great to make ship excursion to Bornholm. Another city attractions include bowling, tennis courts, western city with mini zoo, swimming pools, spa centers, and many sport clubs.
Kolobrzeg offers typical sea culinary delights like smoked fish served in many good restaurants and bars.
Kolobrzeg boasts the longest in Poland seaside biking path leading to Podczele. Along the path you will see unique woods, beaches, swamps and bird nesting grounds.
It is also worth to visit the Gallery of Modern Art and the Museum of Polish weapons.