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General Conditions

1. Non waivable Excess - NWE/in case of damage or theft to the rented car amounts to EURO 193. /incl. VAT/.
2. Client must hold a valid major credit card. Credit card deposits for rented car, NWE & fuel are requested at the spot before the commencement of the rental.
3. Car delivery /collection to any HOTEL within City Limits where Natioonal Poland operated - free of charge.
4. National one - way rentals are available on request at drop off charge between National Poland outlets - minimum rental period 3 days.
5. Car delivery /collection to/ from other cities within Poland-0,57 EURO /incl. VAT/ per 1 kilometre.
6. International one - way rentals are available on request at drop off charges 1,14 EURO /incl. VAT/ per 1 kilometre - minimum rental 7 days.
7. Drop off hour fee-20 EURO/1 hour /incl. VAT/(overtime)
8. Child seat fee-2,80 EURO/incl. VAT/. (not more than 28 EUR for the rent)
9.Additional driver fee-5,40 DEM/incl. VAT/.
10. Restrictions:cars may not enter into Former Soviet Union, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Succession States of Yougoslavia.
11. Cross border policy to another countries:special insurance document must be purchased, so information regarding cross border has to be sent to National Poland together with reservation. Additional cost for "green card insurance" depends on car group and rental period.
12. The mentioned rates for cars renatal are confidential and may be used only in the program of Tour Operator
Booking conditions: car groups A&B - free sell, group C&D - on request. Confirmations are made only for car groups, not specified models