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Dining facilities

 There are:

Mirror Hall                  no of seating places:    120
Vienna Cafe               no of seating places       60
Balcony 1                  no of seating places        4
Balcony 2                  no of seating places        6


The Vienna Café, once visited by the famous Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz, offers a cozy place of relaxation far from the hustle and bustle of the modern city. Guests will savor aromatic coffee accompanied by of a Strauss waltz. Adam Grzymala Siedlecki mentions: "Cracow would never be fully Cracow if at 10 in the morning he (Henryk Sienkiewicz) didn't turn up in the tiny café for his coffee and cream". The professor table tradition is now well over a dozen years old. It is here that each day and at the same time a group of venerable Cracow professors meet at the so-called "Cinderella" Round Table Club.

Mirror Hall Mirror Hall is undoubtedly one of the Old Town's finest halls of the Grand hotel. The elegant historic spacious interior with a stained glass Secession period roof, glittering crystals and mirror reflections, invites guests to enjoy delicious meals. The Restaurant has intimate studios and corners that ideally suitable for romantic meetings for two.
In the Grand Hotel Restaurant guests will enjoy not only the magnificent fin de siecle interior design but also the exquisite cuisine prepared according to the best of European tradition. The chef’s takes an inspiration from Polish recipes, that do not limit his culinary imagination. With the greatest pleasure the hotel’s restaurant meets even the most sophisticated requests of Guests.

 Balcony is the possibility of cameral meetings with the view on Mirror Room